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Creativity and quality defines our designers & developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences.


HMHApps was originally known as Life's Joyful Expressions Photography, but we have grown our skill set to include web site development and iOS development creating the entire digital experience.

  • Css

  • HTML

  • iOS Development

  • wordpress/CMS

  • Photography

recent work.

She's Somebody's Daughter and Our Beautiful Exchange utilize CMS systems with customized themes to create the brand they were after to attract their target audiences. She's Somebody's Daughter also has a companion iOS app.

recoveryBox was really just an app development project for those in recovery for an addiction.

The Perfect 5th is an HTML/CSS site but allows for growth in the future.

The tools we use to create your site really depend on your business needs. Some of our clients want to maintain their own sites after and so a CMS might be a good option, while others don't have the staff or expertise in house.



Holly H.
Web Developer Gal and Photographer

Holly is our web developer and photographer. Holly has been in web development for over 15 years and previous to starting HMHApps she was also a professional photographer for weddings and families of special needs children. Holly has a BS in Computer Science. Holly is still tooting her flute in her spare time claiming it centers her in a happy place.

Technical Guy

Matt handles the technical configurations. He has over 21 years in the IT field with a BS in Computer Science. In his spare time Matt is a HUGE all things hockey person and won't say just how many years he has been playing.


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